LIFE „the new album“

Luka Sulic

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13. September 2024

20:00 Uhr


Luka Sulic
LIFE „the new album“

Luka Sulic stepped back from the intense touring schedule of 2Cellos to make space for creativity and to focus on family life - he has recently welcomed his fourth child.
For new album LIFE, released on Platoon on 22 March, Luka returned to his compositional roots to create music with an evocative sound world, enriched with luscious harmonies, soaring strings and a cello
line of transcendent beauty.
Luka’s musical foundation was built upon original composition, and an innate skill in instrumental arrangements- this album is his debut as composer and arranger. From a young age he began developing
works for solo cello, and he has always been drawn to the rich expressive sound-world of a string orchestra- a sound able to take the listener to greater emotional depths. The tracks on this album are from ideas that have been gradually forming for many years, and given space to nurture these they have evolved into Luka’s musical
depiction of LIFE.
‘Within the Classical tradition there’s often not enough emphasis on space for creativity during the learning process - with rigid structures and enforced techniques becoming an obstacle to creative freedom! Luka adds ‘You can learn an enormous amount from immersing yourself in the mastery of Beethoven and Dvorák, but you
can also learn a lot from Max Martin. It’s so importantto keep an open mind, in order not to stagnate in the process? He believes that ultimate expression is only possible when you create something yourself, and at home with family this creativity was given the chance to develop organically. Luka has drawn inspiration from nature and family relationships, from life’s kaleidoscope of struggles and joy, pouring his soul into these personal works. These new tracks are an example of a musician mastering his craft.

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